Amazing People and Lectures

The Session has continued to be amazing the last few days. Some of the lectures a bit distant from my areas of interest, but for the most, really engaging. Dr. Gylton Da Matta, a Brazilian American spoke on the "Olympic Games Challenges for Youth."

It was deep and inspiring and from the heart. Just amazing and opened my eyes up to the Games in a broader light. He is an incredible person, and he opened describing his childhood - homeless in Brazil. His mom passed away and sibling took her own life. He never bragged about what he'd accomplished though; just described changes we should aspire toward as individuals and society. Of course all very difficult to put to practice but was eye-opening and he had everyone listening intently. Following this many of the Olympians presented on their journey. I was one of them and it was nice to share my story. Ohenawa and Elise's presentations were fantastic. It completely opened my eyes up to how they train and their lifestyle. The final presenter is a Romanian Judoka, 7 times in a row European Champion, Beijing gold, London silver - incredible.

Only a short period of time remains and I am already missing my many new friends. Funny how throwing over 200 strangers into one spot who share a passion for Olympism, creates strong bonds. OK, time for me to jet out. Below is a quick interview with Gabby, a Costa Rican marathoner who competed in London and Beijing. Very cool person and athlete.