Guadalajara Tomorrow!

Following two weeks training at the Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs, our team of Mel, Donna, Chris, coaches John and Denis and I, are heading to Guadalajara tomorrow for the Pan American Games. Training here has been quite nice. The altitude makes training tough, but has provided a good adaptation for us. The facilities are amazing here and many American athletes train and live here.

There is a tremendous sense of pride. And so many sports! Two days ago, 2008 women's water polo champs, USA, and current world #1 Netherlands arrived for three exhibition games. There is a always a lot of activity. As amazing as this place is though, I couldn't live here like so many athletes do. I know many don't share my feelings, and it's odd to say given how amazing it is here, but there is also a feeling of isolation and I think after two weeks, I've gleaned great preparation for next week's competition.

Pan American Games is an exciting meet. It is the second biggest multi-sport event in the world outside the Olympic Games. There are 6000 athletes I believe and 42 nations represented. Attention in Canada is usually pretty minimal toward it which is kind of sad. Never the less, it is a great event to compete in. The village experience, spectating a number of other sports, and fun with other national team athletes makes it special and reminds everyone how hungry they are for an Olympic spot. This is my third PAGs which makes me pretty damn fortunate as an athlete. And I want to make the best of it. Following World Champs a month ago, although I didn't make the final, I left feeling my development was strongly moving in the right direction. Training here built off of that.

We fly out tomorrow. I will keep updates coming from the village. Take care and thanks for checking in. J.