Onward and Upward

Upon returning from NORCECA Championships, life accelerated forward quickly as per the norm. Training has been quite good overall. I feel some speed in my legs on the track after a long season of quality work. Typically in a year, I would use the XC/indoor/outdoor track seasons as high quality training. This worked through my university career as the timing was right on. This season and last though, the pentathlon season has gone late into the year, so I haven't been able to get the fitness early enough and as a result, race, as I'd like to. This means that I am on the track late in the season, often with a smaller group, or alone, as my colleagues are wrapping up their season. It's hard to believe my team mates on the track are prepping for XC season in the fall, and I'll still be competing until mid October! That is the same case in the pool, as the team I train with is at Nationals and Age Group Nationals. Thankfully my Patriots' coach gave me the workouts to take me through the summer.

Yesterday was the one year countdown to the London Games. And I can not be any more determined to earn my spot. Twitter was buzzing with references to #1yeartogo and other inspiring stories. FINA's Swimming World Championships are on now. Brent Hayden won a silver last night in the 100m free which is pretty amazing. Check out https://www.swimming.ca/Default.aspx for Canada's results. There are a ton of interesting stories; some positive, some negative. The Chinese have dominated thus far. Jill Tyler, who I swam with for two years at NCSA was 7th in the 100m breast a couple days back. It's inspiring to see people you know performing so well.

I am in Calgary for another week, then off to Guelph for our National meet. It will be fun as it is the 40th anniversary for Pentathlon Canada, so a number of alumni are attending. I am also looking forward to the relay which was contested for the first time last year. In this event, which is adapted from proper relay rules, athletes are teamed with an alumni, senior, and youth member. Last year was a real success so I think this may be the best aspect of this year's event. http://www.pentathloncanada.ca/ has all the news. Speaking of PC, if you have twitter, follow @pentathlonCAD to keep up to date with out team. Oh, Nicole Forrester, national team high jumper has a really cool blog. Take a look at her post for July 26th - "LONDON 2012 Olympics - Are You Going?" Nicole has many other great posts, from sport to relationships to school. She does a superb job explaining or discussing the fabric that makes up our lives as athletes, but that rarely is spoken about. http://nicole-forrester.blogspot.com/

If you are around November 19th and like a good meal, mark your calender as my community in Delacour is hosting a fundraiser to support my London 2012 objective. We've just had our first planning meeting and I think it will be a great event. There are a few exciting elements in the works that we are hoping to confirm. The 2007 version of this event sold out, so although, the tickets haven't been printed yet, feel free to give me a call if you are interested.

That about sums it up for now. Check out the video blog when you have a moment for a short story (as a rule I only do one attempt, so if I look/sound half asleep, distracted, hungry, or confused, that is why :)). Thanks for keeping in touch. Josh.