30 Day Trek

Nothing like writing a massive blog post and then losing it. OK, here we go again. Mel emailed me 13 training anecdotes to succeed that someone compiled along the way. It is a good reminder of why we pursue excellence in sport and what it takes. Among the 13 items; Know Your Sport's history, Train in 72 hour blocks (yesterday, today, and tomorrow), Train Specificity Under Fatigue, and the gem - JFT - Just F-ing Train. JFT projects that sometimes too much analysis may not bring success and that sometimes you just have to put in the work. The crux of the 13 points is that sport is a journey and there is no perfect answer or approach. We remain students of the lifestyle until we leave our sport behind.

Sport brings the highest emotional peaks and the lowest emotional valleys at times, all part of the jourey. Over the course of this season, I've felt the lows a little more often than expected. Over three World Cups, I haven't made a final which remains in stark contrast to last season where I was ranked 15th on WC list. Although a bit confused, I'm not deflated. This is part of the journey and perhaps a blessing given that the season goes until October this year.

The last World Cup which I've just returned from was a big step in the right direction. I had a better fence and good run shoot that brought me to 15th position. Top 12 made the final, so I was short of that which still stung a lot. This was a big World Cup with 104 men competing. From Budapest, I flew to Ottawa to train for two weeks. It's great to work with our head coach here and train with different athletes. I also get a chance to catch up with past Dino team mates from Calgary who reside here now - Laura and Travis. The only downside is that Mel and Thea who live in Ottawa aren't here for the two weeks that I am. But I'm making myself at home at Mel's place (thanks!). From here I will go to Montreal for Fencing Nationals and then fly to Chengdu the night after competing. I am back from China on May 31, making this about a one month journey. When I get home, I am seeing U2 June 1 and Cavalia on the 5th, so pretty cool events to look forward to. That's it for now. Thanks for taking a read. Josh.