Two Week Countdown

The Mexican Open meet was a success overall. It gave me a chance to compete again which was the main focus. I had a solid fence (3rd), and swim (considering the 7000 ft altitude). I rode well, putting me into fourth position. In the combined event, I had a strong first shoot, moving up to the 3rd. Unfortunately the second shoot was weak and I fell to 10, where despite a good third series, I wasn't able to move up from.

The altitude was certainly tough to run in, but great for mental strength and focus. I felt I shot well, except for losing my focus for a brief moment. The competition was not terribly well organized and I let myself get a little rattled when things were not perfect. So, I've learned from this and will hold onto it for future reference. Now, I am two weeks away from departing for the second World Cup in Sassari Italy. I look forward to competing and checking in to see the progress I've made. That's it for now. I've attached an article that was published in PLAN, the Coaching Association of Canada's magazine. I hadn't posted it earlier. Give it a read if you have a moment. Take care and have a great week. Josh.