Detroit, Ottawa, and Mexico City Tuesday...

Life is entering the whirlwind stage now.... I left for Detroit last weekend for a North American Cup div 2 fencing tourney. There were 93 men, and I won which was great. I fenced quite well consistently throughout, and there were a couple matches I had to come back from behind so it was rewarding to test myself in that regard. We flew to Windsor and drove to Detoit. Interesting city to come into, very different experience.

A lot of poverty, but different than what I've seen elsewhere in the world. In Detroit, there are old buildings and apartments that would be nice had they not been burnt out or abandoned. There were lots of friendly people though and I can only guess that the Big 3's struggles are characterized by the city's skyline.

From Detroit, I headed to Ottawa till Friday to train with two teammates - Mel and Mathea, and our coach John. It was great as I fenced with lots of strong fencers in Ottawa and had access to different training than at home. This is generally a positive change of scenery. Now I am preparing for an Open Mexican meet in Mexico City. I compete Wednesday which is odd, but I'm looking forward to it. Check out the attached video blog if you get a chance. Take care. Josh.