Oh Life...

Back into normal training this week, and feeling it top to bottom. I thought it would be fun to race an 800m on the indoor track at Jack Simpson Saturday. This was after my first day on the track Thursday and some overall good training that week. I wanted to see how I'd respond to fatigue and little training. I went 2:03, which is really slow no doubt, but I was quite pleased overall. Back to the routine work now. Will race a couple swims this Fri/Sat as well.

I had a real great meeting with a potential sponsor last night, Real Fournier, who is going to provide 4 pieces of art valued at $5,000 each to me, to use in partnership with a corporate sponsor, or a future fundraiser. His work is highly regarded and I'm quite fortunate to have his support. You can see his work at www.realfournier.com or www.webstergalleries.com.

Last thing - I attached a letter sent to Sport Canada today. It is hard to believe, but they are actually recommending to make it even more difficult for athletes like me (from smaller sports) to access carding. Fortunately, AthletesCAN, the Canadian Olympic Committee's Athlete Council and the Canadian Paralympic Committee's Athletes Commission are contesting this. Check out the letter to get the essence of the debate. The specific references won't mean much, but you will gain an idea of the discussion and it should highlight just how far off base Sport Canada is in understanding how to support athletes and augment performance.

That's it for now. Have a super week.