The Day Before

Competing tomorrow. Feel pretty good. Today, we went to the facility. It looked ok. Photo attached of the fencing venue. Had a good swim, fencing lesson, and run/shoot. So far, I've seen the Americans, Cubans, Brazilians, Chileans, Ecuador, Dominicana, Guatemala, Venezuala and Panama.

Haven't seen the Mexicans and some of the other teams, but they're kicking around this hotel somewhere. The Cubans surprised me with a couple athletes I'd never seen before. Come to think of it, I don't recognize a lot of the athletes. We have three girls - Mathea Stevens, Melanie McCann, and Donna Vakalis, and two men - myself and Chris Ptreziuck (I mis-spelled that I'm sure). There is a opening dinner somewhere that involves a bus tonight so I've opted to stay in rather than travel. The girls and coaches went (John Hawes and Denis Fournier). My second bag arrived that was stuck in Calgary, so that's nice. Apparently I get a 50$ reimbursement from Continental. I shopped a bit but only found some Havaianas, which I love and have about 6 pairs already. Will have to find some actual clothing. That's it for now. Will update tomorrow night. Josh.