Finally in Rio, After Some Fun and Confussion Elsewhere

Spent the weekend in Edmonton and Saskatoon at two different fencing tournaments. They both went pretty average, but good reps against good fencers, especially in Saskatoon. Big strong farm boys who bout hard. haha. Anyway, I'm in Rio now for the Pan American Championships.

Just got in this morning. All went smoothly until I arrived in Rio. On the smae flight, there were a number of shooters from the USA who are competing in a shooting event. One of my bags didn't make the fight here, and in the midst of the confussion, the Continental staff left me with the shooters, who all needed permits for their guns. I have an air pistol, so they assumed I did too. Meanwhile, my team mate, coach and three other American pentathletes walked straight through security unscathed.

I got stuck for 2 hours waiting for this stupid piece of paper! And then another 4 hours in the airport while we waited for other teams to arrive. Ahhh, it would have driven me crazy had I not had 4 episodes of the sixth season of the Office to watch. haha. Anyway, at the hotel now and settling in. It is really nice here. We are downtown. It's warm and humid. Apparently the competition site is 1.5 hours away, but I'm not sure that's accurate as they said the hotel trip was an hour and it took 15 minutes. Perhaps they account for their little rest breaks and normal delays. I compete Friday, so will do a little more training tomorrow. I did a short run and a fencing lesson tonight. Because my bag didn't make (I have one of the two), I get a 50$ credit for clothes, so I need to find some stuff to buy tomorrow. Perhaps I'll buy a couple pairs of sandals. I love Havaianas!

Ok, off too bed. But I do feel I can safely make one comment now. haha. Getting a Brazilian visa is a time-depleting, expensive, and deflating process. I didn't want to blog on it before on the very off chance that whilst they held my passport for the 10 day period, they came across these comments. It cost 81.25$! and 30.00$ in postage. It required a passport photo and a copy of my income statement. They treated me terribly at the consolute in Ottawa and really made the experience as unpleasant as possible. I'm sure it is reciprocity, given that Canada likely required Brazilian's to get entry visas for us first and they are going tit for tat. Anyway, if you are ever coming to this beautiful country, be prepared for that little hiccup.

That's it for now. I will keep things current, as long as I keep finding free wireless. Take care!